Food Security in the Kenai Peninsula: A Report on Local Seafood Use, Consumer Preferences, and Community Needs

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 10:00 AM AKST
Philip Loring, Alaska Center for Climate Assessment & Policy

Philip Loring, Alaska Center for Climate Assessment & Policy

This webinar presents data from the final report of a survey implemented in late 2011 to explore use of local seafood by residents of the Kenai Peninsula, and their role in providing for food security. One motivation for this study was to provide the background data necessary for exploring the possible vulnerabilities of these communities to changes in local fisheries, including as a result of climate change. We found extensive use of local fisheries by local residents, and that access to locally caught seafood improves household food security, especially for lowest-income households. We also found that the existing systems for marketing and distributing local seafood leaves some local residents without access. Opportunities for strengthening the local food system will be discussed, as will the question of vulnerability to challenges such as climate change.

Download Final Report: Loring, P.A. Gerlach, S.C., and H.L. Harrison. 2012. “Food Security in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska: A report on local seafood, consumer preferences, and community needs.” WERC-HD Occasional Report No. 01, Gamble, J.B. (ed.), Human Dimensions Lab at the Water and Environmental Research Center: Fairbanks, Alaska.


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