Permafrost Forecasting: 2015 Stakeholder Listening Session & other related resources

Project Overview

Dates: October 2015—March 2016


Primary Scientists: 


National Weather Service



Thermokarst depression on the edge of the Geophysical Institute UAF parking lot (Fairbanks, Alaska). Surface disturbance related to the parking lot construction triggered permafrost degradation and ground ice melting. Photo by V. Romanovsky.

The ability to make predictions on permafrost activity (freeze, thaw, date and depth) is improving, especially on a seasonal scale. The National Weather Service and the UAF research community are gathering stakeholder and community input about what potential forecast information is most useful and needed by stakeholders for the decisions they are making.

On October 21, 2015 stakeholders discussed what forecast information and on what time scale they would find most useful.  

The discussion was led by Rick Thoman, Climate Science and Services Manager, NWS Alaska Region and Vladimir Romanovsky, Professor of Geophysics at the Geophysical Institute,University of Alaska Fairbanks.    

Recording, report, poster, and presentation files:

Please contact Rick Thoman or Vladimir Romanovsky with comments and questions.