Early Summer Freeze in the Eastern Interior

June 2017

Clear skies and a cool and dry airmass over the eastern Interior allowed temperatures to drop below freezing on several mornings at mid-month. At Eagle, on the morning of June 13, the low of 31°F (-1°C) was a new record low for that date and the latest subfreezing temperature in the early summer since 1979. At Northway, the low of 31°F (-1°C) was also a daily record and the latest freeze since 1981. The Climate Reference Network station southeast of Northway reported a low of 26°F (-3°C), also on June 13, a dramatic change from just five days earlier when the temperature reached 94°F (34°C).  The lowest temperature reported was 20°F (-7°C) at Circle Hot Springs on June 15. 

Low Temperatures