Tribal Climate Adaptation Planning in Nome

Project Overview

Dates: October 2015—September 2017


Primary Scientists: 


Bureau of Indian Affairs

Nathan Kettle
The Nome Eskimo Community (NEC), in collaboration with ACCAP, will develop a climate adaptation plan for the tribal organizations located in the Nome Census area. This includes tribal members of NEC, Native Village of Solomon, Native Village of Council, and King Island Native Community. The project goals are to build climate literacy, including familiarity with climate science and local knowledge, provide a forum to identify and discuss climate impacts and adaptation strategies, develop a plan, and share information with other rural Alaska and Native communities.  
This process consists of interviewing community members to scope the planning process, facilitating workshops to identify impacts of concern, share goals and visions of success, and identify and prioritize adaptation actions, drafting the climate adaptation plan, evaluating the adaptation planning process, and participating in outreach activities such as conference presentations and public information sessions.