Pollinator Attraction: How do non-native plants change pollination of berry plants across Alaska?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 10:00 AM AKDT
Christa Mulder & Katie Spellman

Dr. Christa Mulder & PhD student Katie Spellman, University of Alaska Fairbanks


What happens when a new plant species comes into an area, and it is more attractive to pollinators than anything else around? Does it improve pollination of the native plants that are already there? Or does it lure away pollinators, or lead to the delivery of the wrong kind of pollen?  Christa Mulder and Katie Spellman will discuss their research investigating these questions following the arrival of a non-native plant, white sweetclover (Melilotus albus) in Alaskan berry (Vaccinium spp.) picking habitats. This webinar will discuss their field experiments and their efforts to model future interactions between invasive sweetclover and native berries in a changing climate using herbarium specimen and citizen science observations.